Thursday, 30 July 2009

Going urban

Last Thursday I lost my "Smash and Grab" djing virginity and it was awesome.

Downpoint was wearing a crushed velvet dress and feeling like I was wearing a carpet the whole night.

Highlights from the night included battling against Blaine Mystery Jets with Tabitha and semi- winning when he realised that all "anyone wants to hear is R'n'B"

Oh and ...

Roll on Thursday.


Thursday, 23 July 2009

Orlando for Smash & Grab

Orlando Weeks is known and loved by many as the Romantic lead singer of the Maccabees but he knows his way around a packet of felt tips, some pritt and scissors or a stretch of buffed vintage looking leather for that matter...he knocked us up this lovely pair of lungs for Florence and The Machine's album cover. (whilst on tour!)

We went head to Dj battle style at last Thursday's Smash - the jury's still out...(check the withering look and cheeky finger)

But it does give me an excuse to post up the Maccabees new video which has a lot to do with my other favorite thing

x Tabs

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Smash & Grab Loves Music

With a new location comes a new concept: Smash & Grab brings you; Live!
Basically, not only do you get to party at your favorite club night, but you also get to see your favorite bands play live!
In that state of mind, comes Smash & Grab Loves Music; A blog which features our favorite tracks of the week, month, or of all time.
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