Thursday, 22 October 2009

Futurecop! talk about "Beauty and the Beast" and Celine Dion

I spoke to the Futurecop! boys, Peter and Manzur, about "Beauty and the Beast", Celine Dion and falling for "yardies"

Hi guys. So, do you guys believe in love?

Manzu: Of course!
Peter: (long delay) Yeah..

That wasn't very sure Peter.
M: I belive in love!
P: You, believe in love?
M: Yeah! Of course I do

Why do you believe in love?

M: "Beauty and the beast", when I watched it for the first time,that was it. Honestly I want something like "Beauty and the Beast".

Do you believe in love at first sight?
M: Maybe, but I think you have to get to know them
P: You can't look at someone and love them, it's impossible, you can be really attracted to someone
M: I think infatuation is love at first sight
P: Love at first sight is only for idiots
M: No, it's not, that's how Peter and me work well together because we're opposites. Love at first sight is bloody real

Hold on, I thought you didn't believe in it?
M: I do believe in it I just think it's more infatuation than love

If you had to choose between love or lust?
M: Love
P: Lust
M: Love of course, why would you want to choose lust?
P: It's more exciting
M: No way, love is more exciting.

Have you ever been in love?
P: No
M: Yeah, about five times, every weekend I'm in love with another girl!

What's your worst heartbreak story?
M: In college, I liked this "yardie" girl. I think it was because she was distant from me, but she was really hot. I really liked her, but she didn't want me. She's really fat now though

What was your first kiss?
P: I was about 13 or 14

Anything special?
P: Nah, it was just a kiss
M: My first kiss was when I was 18 it took me a long time, I was a bit of a geek when I was younger. The "yardie" girl, I kissed her and she was a bit weird

What's your favourite love song?
M: Celine Dione, the Beauty and the Beast song, and Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross
P: That is, really mushy..
M: It's wicked I love it!
P: I like Human League, Human
M: The beauty and the beast song kills it

What traits would make you go off of a girl?
M: Drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. Alcohols alright, but not too much and not too many drugs. I like nice girls
P: Nice girls don't do anything, they just sit there. I don't like girls being boring, being cheap, and going on about un-important things
M: I don't like girls who think they're too cool, I like girls that are down to earth
P: When girls bite their nails, I really hate that

What would make you fall for a girl?
M: She's got to be hot, and she's got to be down to Earth, and love good music
P: Interesting, and talented

What's your worst ever date experience?
M: I picked up one girl for a date from student halls, and she was horrible, just really boring
P: Did you have sex with her anyway?
M: Hell no! She wanted it though, but I was like, "I have better things to do, I'm going home to play computer games."
P: I went out with a girl once, it was going badly but I didn't realise because I was so drunk. We went to a pub to meet her friends, one of her friends came over and told me to call it day

P: Yep, I didn't realise at all because I was so drunk. It was a valuable lesson I think, don't get too drunk

What's your worst ever sexual experience?
M: Pass on me, my mum might read this
P: As if. Mine is, when you're so drunk that someone tells you to stop

Erm okay. Thanks guys!