Thursday, 17 September 2009

Mumford and Sons talk about getting caught on the kitchen table.

Mumford and Sons had a quick chat with me about love, lust and getting caught by their parents on the kitchen table.

What's your favorite love song?
Soldier on by Temperature.

Why's that?
I think it's the only song that sums up what love is about, because it's not a beautiful thing that people should just sing about. I think it's a reality of how shit love is.

Do you think you've ever been in love?

I've been in love a few times.

What do you think the difference is between love and lust?
I'd say lust is a lot more fun, love's a lot more trying. Lust is just awesome. I'm basically just planning on living on a few years of lust.
Love inspires songs but I'm pretty tired of it and it's worn me out. I don't really want to do anymore of that.

Have you ever had your heart broken?
Once and never again.

What was your heartbreak story?

My teenage heart throb. I screwed everything up so she broke up with me and I learnt a lot of harsh lessons in a short amount of time.

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for a girl?
I'm quite a romantic really, I took a girl to Paris without either of our parents knowing when we were fifteen for the weekend.
I've done a treasure hunt for a girl once that lasted three days, all the way around London, giving her clues to a present.
I'd say I'm pretty romantic.

What's the worst quality a girl could have?

Lying. I'm actually physically into any girl but if they chat shit, then that's the worst possible thing a girl could do.

Describe your first kiss.

About ten years ago I was a littl'un and I kissed a girl that I was on holiday with, it was amazing I was really confused but I was really enjoying it and then I tried to find her that night.
So I walked up to where she lived but she was getting in a car and I could see her a mile away. It was too far away for me to do anything about it.

What's your worst ever sexual experience?
Probably getting caught by parents in the kitchen of my house, with a girl I loved very much. They knew we were going out but they walked in from a night out and we were on the kitchen table.


Words: Kylie Griffiths
Photos: Wade Fletcher

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Smash and Grab do Reading and Leeds

The weekend before last was Reading and Leeds.
We got off to a great start when Tabitha got stuck in Romford being told every minute detail of our bus.
We passed the time with some arts and crafts.

Tabitha claimed we could "ask anything" about the bus, but we never learnt how to open a window or use the electricity over the course of the weekend.

We got to Reading in time to catch the end of Florence's set as well as see Jamie T and The Black Lips.

Friday night was Florence's birthday party at Smash and Grab. As a present Barcardi supplied Florence with a FREE Mojito bar. Good birthday present.

Temporary technical hitch meant the decks broke. Florence stepped up to save the day.

Strong team.

Florence, Grace and Jess "getting low"

My favorite guy at Reading. Nice string vest.

Grimmy doing some kind of weird claw.

Sexual aerobics.

Alex Miller bought the fun. There was a gaping hole without his killer moves at Leeds.

We bought some excited crowd members up onto the stage. It's a shame the guy I bought up had taken so many pills he'd lost the ability to move.

Must have put on a "GASH!" song. Sorry Tabitha.

Being super organized in Leeds.

Scottee got "womb envy" and pretended he had ovaries. Pretty realistic.

Good dress Sally.

More sexual aerobics.

The most terrifying man in Leeds.

This dress is the most colorful, as well as the most painful item of clothing, I have ever worn to date.

Smash Singalong with Scottee and Theo

More Sexual Aerobics.

"If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it"

Words: Kylie Griffiths
Photos: Zoe Jenkin

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Amazing Baby talk Love, Kissing and Peeing on girls

Last week Amazing Baby played Smash Live. I cornered Will Roan and Simon O'Conner for a chat after their amazing set for a chat about love and peeing on girls.

Smash and Grab: So you guys are Amazing baby.

Will: Simon and I extensively created and massage Amazing Baby.

SAG: What is your favorite love song?

W: My favorite love song is 'Moments" by The Kinks.
S: Good call. My favorite love song is "The First Girl I Ever Loved" by the Incredible String Band

SAG: Why are they your favorite love songs?

W: Well mine was one I discovered, it's a rare Kinks song, that's not on the album it's just on a soundtrack. It's really good. You can listen to as not as a love song, just listen to on your stereo and just be stoked. It's actually a really beautiful song. I made a mix for a girl and that was the first song she wrote me back about and was like "I love that song", so then I covered it for her.

SAG: Do you reckon that's one of the most romantic things you've ever done for a girl?
W: I actually think it might be, I actually called her out on it, how she didn't respect how romantic that was.

SAG: Did she not think it was romantic?
W: I think she did, kinda, I did get the girl, so in the end it's all good.

SAG: Have you ever been in love?
S: Oh yeah.
W: I think love's something you have to approach from situation to situation. In general you fall in love when you're young then you don't accept that love exists for a while. I think you now and again you do get sparked with the love bug which is kind of irrational .
S: The first time I felt love was when I was 13 and it hasn't got any easier, life does not get any easier, relationships are hard work and they're worth it.

SAG: Describe you first kiss.
W: I remember my first kiss, it was with Alexa. I was in kindergarten. I was in competition with one another dude to be kissing her cause she was the hot ass kindergarten chick. There is always the hot ass kindergarten chick, am i wrong?
S: No you're right! Mine was Sylvia. I took her to see "Ace Ventura" with my mum on a date. She didn't realize it was a date cause we were nine. I asked her out again and she punched me in the nose and made my nose bleed all over my face and I started pulling her hair a lot and that was our relationship.

SAG: What was your worst ever sexual experience?
W:The first time I ever had sex. The first time I ever had sex I was seventeen, I'd had a couple of blow jobs and had like intimate friendships, way before that ever happened. There was this girl and she was really cool. We're still friends and I see her like once a year. But she decided we were gonna have sex it wasn't like we were dating or anything. She'd already had sex like once, so she decided.
So it was really weird. We had sex and I had a stereo to my advantage, so I put on "Hunky Dory" by David Bowie and it was so shitty. It was the shittiest record to play while I was boning for the first time. I had no idea what i was doing.
S: My first bone was also my worst. It's because i was 13 years old and I couldn't ejaculate. So she was older and was telling me to do this and that, so she told me to cum so I pushed down on muscles that I thought might make me cum but instead I started peeing, and I peed all over her.

SAG: Woah, Romantic..American Girls or English Girls?

W: American Girls I personally have only liked American girls , the only English girl I've ever liked was a little too posh for me.
S: American Girls, we grew up with them, we know them we love them.
W: Although, some of the hottest girls I've ever liked were British.

SAG: What's the worst quality a girl could have?

W: When girls think they know "What's up".
S: When a girl is into rap because of her boyfriend.
SAG: Do you think love's forever?
S: Yes absolutely.
W: The first person I ever loved, I still love even though I do not expect to see them ever again.

SAG: How many times have you been in love?

W: Once, actually once and a half.
SAG: A half?
S: There's been a couple of halves I bet.
W: Not true, it's been once and a half.
S: I've been in love three times, but the third time which is my girlfriend now is unbelievable its the same feeling that I got when I was fourteen but now its got so much awesome shit attached to it. You need to find someone,who you love first and then they become you're best friend.

Words: Kylie Griffiths
Photographs: Wade Fletcher