Thursday, 17 December 2009

Slaraffenland talk about sneaking out of older ladies houses

Chris from Slaraffenland let us corner him and talk about sneaking out of older ladies beds.

What's your favorite love song?
"All I Need" by Radiohead

Why is that your favorite love songs?
I love Thom York's lyrics. This song just really captures being in love for me...

What would you prefer to be in, love or lust?
Both... With the same person

What was your first kiss like?
It was weird. It was in 5th grade. When you kiss someone you have to make the kissing sound. Neither of us did that so it just felt like bumping into each other.

How do you know when you're in love?
I think it depends on how old you are. When you are teenager it feels a lot different, at least it did for me. In general I guess being in love makes you do crazy stuff like biking a long way to catch a glimpse of the one. Being with my girlfriend I've discovered that it feels even stronger to pass the "falling in love state" and really start loving someone.

What's the most romantic thing you've ever done for someone?
I had to think about this a while. Guess that's a bad thing! I'm pretty good at taking my girlfriend on romantic vacations to European cities a couple of times a year.

What's your worst heartbreak story?
I had a girlfriend for quite a few years when I was a teenager and she was a few years older than me. At some point she moved to London (from Denmark) to study. I visited her once in London and that was when she broke up with me. She had too many new things in her life and didn't want the long distance thing. This was 10 years ago and I didn't go back to London before this fall!

What was your worst ever sexual experience?
Ha. Many years ago I had an experience that I luckily don't remember that well! It involves a lot of alcohol, a woman that's a lot older than me, me waking up naked not knowing where I am, the woman lying naked beside me, me panicking, lying about my name and running out of her house without my shoes on. The whole thing was quite terrifying!

What would turn you off a girl?
Without sounding too holy. I really get turned on by good personalities. Guess the opposite really turns me off.

WORDS: Kylie Griffiths
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